Paproc Parish History

English translation by Ursala Corsten.

Source: Die evangelisch-augsburgischen Gemeinden in Polen 1555-1939 by Eduard Kneifel. [The Evangelical-Augsburg (Lutheran) Parishes in Poland, 1555-1939]


Around 1800, colonists from Mecklenburg founded the settlements of Konigshuld/Paproc Duza (Gross Paprotsch), Luisenau, Wilhelmsdorf (Krole) and Mecklenburg (Kowalowka).

Prior to the establishment of the church with a full time pastor, it was served by pastors from Chmielowka-Suwalki and from Wengrow. Until a proper parsonage was constructed in 1856, some of the pastors lived in Lomza and served the parish from there. Most of the village was destroyed in World War I with only the church, parsonage, and three other homes being saved. Actions of the German occupation during World War II resulted in the parish being relocated to Mława and Neidenburg, East Prussia . After the war, many of these Germans were relocated to Mecklenburg and Schleswig-Holstein. During its existence, the parish produced five pastors who served the Augsburgian Lutherans: Rudolf Gustav Gundlach, Johann Buse, Rudolf Buse, Julius David Buse and Adolf Krempin.

Some Statistics

Groundbreaking for the Church:  1837
Original church constructed 1841
In 1938:  1500 parish members
Language spoken in Church:  German
Parish:  1 church, parsonage, house for church employees, 1 prayer hall (Srebrny Borek); 2 cemeteries, a church and trombone choir since 1919
In 1923:  450 Communicants; 222 contributors
Land ownership: 66 Polish “Morgen”  parsonage land and a few “Morgen” church land. (4 German Morgen are about 1 hectare)


Theodor Kuntzel, 1837 – 1839
Johann Gottlieb (Gottlob) Schlicke, 1839-1848
Karl Wagner, Vicar, 1848-1851
Julius Mrongovius, 1852 (briefly) and 1859 – 1867
Karl Doll, 1883-1886
Leopold Proniewicz, 1926-1927
Alexander Jehnke, from 15 October until the end of 1930
Rudolf Kersten, 1937-1939

Teachers and Kantors

Fröhlich and E. Rolof , 1938
Michael Schmit, who was later the principal of the German girls’ high school in Lodz , was also a teacher and cantor in Srebrny Borek.


(with founding date if known)

Groß Paproć
Srebrny Borek
Kowalówka (Mecklenburg)
Krole (Wilhelmsdorf)

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