Przasnysz Parish History

Original English translation by Georg Schoning with editing by Gerd Klatt.

Source: Die evangelisch-augsburgischen Gemeinden in Polen 1555-1939 by Eduard Kneifel. [The Evangelical-Augsburg (Lutheran) Parishes in Poland, 1555-1939]

Note: The term "ewangelic" translates to "evangelical" in English but in German context, especially in materials written by Kneifel, a Lutheran pastor, it should be thought of as reference to followers of Martin Luther. There was no church in Europe named as the Lutheran church, as is the case in North America. In other contexts you will find "ewangelische-Reformierte", the Reformed Church, "ewanglische-Unierte", the United Church and perhaps others. Other denominations such as Baptists (Baptisten) or Mennonites (Mennoniten) did not, for some reason, get the "ewangelic" descriptor.



Pastors and Teachers


Some Statistics


(with founding date or date of Germans arriving if known)

Janowka about 1814
Kicin about 1820
Grabowiec about 1820
Lipowiec about 1820
Rzeszotko about 1820
Wola Wodzynska about 1829
Halinin about 1820
Trzpiał about 1820


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