Site Credits


This website contains over 1000 web and pdf pages of information. This number does not include literally thousands more pages of databases and Journals which are downloadable or searchable. It would not be possible to provide all of this without the help of many volunteers - those that provide the databases, the extractions of information, translations to and from different languages - all part of what makes SGGEE a vibrant, volunteer based organization. It is not possible to directly recognize everyone but two people have made special contributions to this site.

Gary Warner - Gary originally created this site, primarily text based. The site has gone through several redesigns since his involvement and new material has been added but the basic content still reflects the work he put into it. He continues to be involved through his work with the databases.

Matt Warner - Matt is our technical guru. He keeps the server running and helps us provide the technical interface between the site contents and the end user. From the various search and reporting functions to plugging equipment into the wall, he keeps us running efficiently.

Jerry Frank - The late Jerry Frank assumed webmaster responsibilities from Gary Warner a number of years ago. He designed the styles you currently see on this site and engineered most of the pages providing many most helpful links to genealogy resoureces. He has made a large impact on what SGGEE has to offer and his maps available on this site are of immense help to most of us. His untimely death in 2014 is felt by all of us, but we will continue to benefit from his tireless efforts.


Our New Site Design

Web design requires a merging of artistic layout talent with the limitations imposed by site design software. Since your webmaster has little artistic talent, I consulted with graphics artist members Les and Marilyn Ollenberg. They did not do the design but I am very grateful for their suggestions and recommendations for improvements.

The image to the right was drawn by Les Ollenberg. This picture and another showing farmers working in a Volhynian field are available for purchase as prints with or without frames. For more information, contact the Webmaster.



The pictures you see in the upper right (there is a different one for each of the main sections in our menu) are taken from an old 1900 era atlas of Poland. On each page is a map of one of the numerous powiats (county) along with artistic renderings of certain places within that powiat. We have managed to find modern photos of all locations except one.

Lutheran Church at Gostynin, recently refurbished as part of a hotel / conference centre. Photo courtesy of Irena Rosiak (on Facebook).

View of Plock, Poland from the south side of the Wisla (Vistula) River. Photo courtesy of member Miles Ertmann.

Skierniewice train station. Modern view from opposite direction. Photo courtesy Marcin Lechowicz from GoogleEarth / Panoramio.

Manor house and Benedictine Cloister at Sierpc. Photo from

Bernadine Cloister at Skepe near Lipno.

Former palace, now a music school at Kutno, Poland.

Tarlow Castle ruins at Czechow, now a northwestern suburb of the city of Lublin. Apparently the ruins have been replaced by a church.  




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