[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] re: surname Kneller - hints?

Gitzel, Gord ggitzel at cha.ab.ca
Thu Dec 6 12:51:36 PST 2001

	I am hoping someone on the list maybe able to help me with my
search. I have not had much
luck so far.
I am looking for birth, marriage records for my paternal grandmother
Justina Gitzel (Gietzel)
(nee Kneller)  born 1876 in Poland? She married  Gottlieb Gitzel (Gietzel)
who was born in Antonowka 
Vohlynia near Validmir Wolynski, Vohlynia in 11 Apr 1874 (his birth record
is in St. Petersburg films).

They were married in 1896 probably in Marcelowka Volhynia also near Valdimir
Wolynski, Volhynia.
Justina had two sisters who also married in Vohlynia. One married an Appelt,
the other married a Pischke.

	There are very few if any Kneller's in the St.Petersburg films so
what are my options:
1.	the spelling of Kneller was changed?
2.	they were a religion other than Lutheran (a long shot at best)
3.	they moved from Poland after Justina was born.
4.	?

Any hints at possible places to look would be most welcome
Gord Gitzel
Edmonton, Alberta

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