[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Mailing list update

Jerry Frank GPVListAdmin at sggee.org
Mon Dec 10 07:18:08 PST 2001

 From time to time we will bring you an update on the mailing list.

This past weekend we just rolled over the 200 mark for subscribers.  I 
think that is wonderful considering that we have only been in operation for 
about 2 months.

For the most part, the Mailman software we are using has been working 
well.  We have weathered the recent virus storm without any problems and 
our attachment stripping has stopped at least one virus from getting 
distributed on the list.  We'd also like to remind you that we have system 
in place that disguises the email addresses on our master list so that it 
can never be used by spammers.

I see many of you have been chipping in with suggestions and advice and 
that is greatly appreciated.  Everyone of us has little areas of expertise 
and sharing that is the primary purpose of this list.

It is not a rule but we would encourage you to sign your name when you post 
a message.  We are a friendly group here and it is always nice to know who 
we are talking to.  All email software that I know about allows you to use 
an automated signature.  You could have your name and then right below it 
your surname and/or place name interests.  You can use that signature 
whenever you post or respond on this list.  I know of several people who 
have established contact with unknown cousins simply because they included 
such information in their signature.

As we approach the new year, my wish for each and everyone of you is that 
you find at least one new generation of family information during the 
coming year.

Jerry Frank - List Administrator for [Ger-Poland-Volhynia]
GPVListAdmin at sggee.org

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