[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] State Archives in Poland

Reiner Kerp mail at reiner-kerp.de
Wed Dec 12 03:49:41 PST 2001

Hello friends,
starting address for the Polish Archives is:


from there you also find a possible e-mail adresses (click the archive).
With the AP4s of Poznan, Torun, Wloclawek and Lodz, I tried e-mail contact
in German, got e-mail answer in Polish from Torun (including the answer from
Wloclawek) and postal reply from Poznan.
To the AP Lodz I wrote my request for the deathrecord of my wifes ggfather
Julius Pepel by snail-mail. I got the answer (in Polish) that they have that
record and I should remit DM 17,-. This rose to DM 70,-; sending the money
to the archive was charged by DM 53,- (DM 13,- from my bank and DM 43,- from
the Bank Gdansk in Poland).
Please consider that Polish Archives and other offices HAVE TO reply in the
official language POLISH.



mail at reiner-kerp.de

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