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You mention the village cantor books.  What information might these cantor
books contain?


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The 3 former Polish Volhynian Parish records of the Evengelical Lutheran
church are located in the main Warsaw Archive (AGAD) and the Zabuzanski
collection. The following is a list of what is found distributed between the
2 locations:
Wladimir Volhynsk: Births-1891-1892, 1915-1922, 1925-1939; Marr-
1891-1894,1907,1915-1936; Deaths-1914-1939(only indexes)
Lutsk: 1899-1939(only indexes)
Rozyszcze-Marr.- 1862-1894, 1900-1939(indexes);1902, 1910-1918;
births- 1857-1939(years 1857-1861 and  1895-1939 only indexes);deaths-
1862-1894,1915-1939(only indexes)
 In addition there are a number of  village Cantor books, the preponderance
of which were in the Wlad. Vol. Parish.
In the evolution of the parishes in this region, Rozyszcze started in 1861;
Wlad. Vol. broke off in 1891 and Lutsk, in the southern section of the
region, formed a separate parish in 1899. Tortschin and Kowel formed  after
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> An article in the December 1992 Wondering Volhynians Magazine indicates
> the Zabuzanski Archive in Warsaw contains "Evangelical
> parish registers for Volhynia.  Can anyone confirm this and, if so, what
> parishes and what years are in the archive?  Is it Evangelical, Reformed,
> both?
> I have obtained records from AGAD for Rozyszcze Parish from the late 1890s
> earlier.  Would they have come from the Zabuzanski?
> Thanks for any help.
> Dick Stein
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