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Jennifer K. Walker jkwalker1968 at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 16 22:18:55 PST 2001


My great uncle, also originally from Volhynia, ended up as one of the 
three Czar's Guards, of Czar Nicholas, and was in that service at the 
time that the Romanovs were murdered.  As a result, I have a copy of the 
official photograph that was take of the three Czar's Guards, all in 
uniform.  I don't know if their uniforms were different from any other 
branches of the Russian military, but I'd be happy to check it. 

By the way, we do not know if he survived the Revolution, or if he was 
with the Czar when he was taken.  It was presumed that he lost his life 
as well, but somehow my grandfather heard many years later that he had 
lived and moved to Minnesota, USA, and raised a family there.  If that 
is true, we don't know why he wouldn't have contacted his own family 
that was already in the USA, in Michigan. 

My grandfather, who just passed away this past year, immigrated with his 
family as an infant in 1908.  He was very proud of the original photo, 
which was last in his possession.  He submitted it to American Heritage 
magazine and they did a story about it in 1997.  I will send a copy of 
that article, which includes a copy of the photo, to your email address.

Jennifer Walker
jkwalker1968 at earthlink.net
researching:  Schlender, Zindler, Naderschanske, Kraft, Steinke, 
Heidemann, Klemke, Schmit
from:  Volynia:  Feliksow, Tuczyn, Berezolupy, Luck, Bugrin, 
Kathrinowka, Schelanka,  Kartschemka, Buhrinski-Magdan

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