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I think the only way to solve Augustyna's birthdate puzzle is to order in the film and have a look for yourself as to what is written in the entry.

As for Edmond's birth record,  I can only assume (and this from other illegitimate birth entries of have seen from the 1800's) the birth would have been recorded as 'father unknown' and Johanna Huff.  It is possible that Johanna may have taken on the name Huff after her mother's remarriage.

Rose Ingram

From: "Irma Cooper" 
> I am somewhat puzzled over a birthdate I show for Augustyne Kruger born in
> Bycz - November 15, 1861.
> The information I received from the SGGEE ged shows a birth date of December
> 9, 1861.  Would this be a baptism date?
> Augustyne Kruger's first marriage was to 1st cousin Ludwig Kruger. He
> immigrated to N.Y. alone 1895 and soon after died from a flue epidemic.
> Augustyne Kruger then married  ??? Huff and lived in Gulewo. (Exact marriage
> date and place unknown)Augustyne's daughter Johanna Kruger had an
> illigitimate son Edmond Huff at a very young age
> (abt 1904-1907) and Augustyne raised the child as her own.
> How would the birth of Edmond be recorded in the church books?  As Kruger?
> or Huff?  Would birth mother be recorded as Augustyne or Johanna?  What was
> the common practice in recording illigitimate children?
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