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Thu Dec 27 17:59:17 PST 2001

My gr-grandfather was Karol Stoermer/Stermer/Sztermer.  My grandmother had 
said her father was German and Lutheran and became a Catholic when he married 
my gr-grandmother Rozalia Kalupa.

The record of the marriage in 1884 was found in the parish of Andrzejewo 
which was at that time in the Russian partition of Poland.  The record, as 
most records after 1865, was in Russian and Cyrilic script.  Through 
additional research I have found that my gr-grandfather and his siblings 
lived in the Polish towns of Kowalowka and Pechratka and their baptisms took 
place at the Evangelical parish of Paproc Duza.  Karol's parents were 
Alexander Stoermer/Stermer/Sztermer and Barbara Wagner.  The oldest child was 
born in 1842.  I have not been able to find the marriage record for Alexander 
and Barbara.  Also living in the area were Ernest (possibly his brother or at 
least a cousin) and Otto (possibly his father).  The Slownik Geograficzny 
(gazateer) states that there were 2000 German colonists living in the 
vicinity about this time.

I am interested in trying to find out what part of Germany my family came 
from.  The records for Paproc Duza (the Evangelical parish) only begin around 
1840 so it is possible a mass colonization took place shortly before that 
time.  The map coordinates are approximately 52degrees 25' north and 22 
deg.05' east and the closest large city on the map is Ostrow Mazowiecka.  

Any information about these families or others in the same vicinity would be 
much appreciated.

Thank you.

Rosalie Lindberg
Rosalindy at aol.com 

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