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I am researching my great-grandparents:
 Kumpakiske/Kumpakszke, Kumpakikis, Kumpakike,
Kumpakikiene, Kumpakikaite, 'Kumpakikaite' Meje/Mie/Mey,
Schultz, Kissel/Kessel?
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 Original family name: Kumpakszke (the Polish spelling was used in
family letters); 
the Lithuanian spelling would be Kumpakiske.
I received these possible other spellings from another researcher: 
[1] an adult male to be Kumpakikis' 
[2] his wife could be 'Kumpakike or Kumpakikiene' 
[3] a unmarried daughter, would be 'Kumpakikaite' 
[4] A male child could be 'Kumpakikaitis'.
===============================      Henry Kress Kumpakiske/Kumpakszke
(changed to Schultz) born: May 15, abt 1872 or 1875, in Kovno (Kaunas),
Lithuania died: Oct 27, 1961 MS. 
 Notes on Henry: 
 His mother's name was possibly Anna. Schultz or Shultz may have been
her maiden name. We were told of cousins in Germany, but no info on
them. His father, ? Kumpakiske/Kumpakszke died May 25, 1911, in
 Henry had 2 brothers: Kristupas, who remained in Lithuania, and George,
who came to America. There was a sister, Ane, in Lithuania. Henry's
daughter, Annie Mae Schultz-married Guy Pendarvis, in Jackson County,
MS; said that another sister came to America also with her father,
Henry. But, no info on this sister. 
Marie Meje/Mie/Mey????? 
born: May 15, or June 18, 1883, in Kovno (Kaunas), Lithuania died: May
31, 1963, Pascagoula, MS. 
Marie's mother's name was probably Rozalija. Marie had 1 sister, and 3
brothers. Two of the brothers died from drinking water from a well that
was poisoned from dead dogs being in it. In 1913, Rozalija and her
husband were living with a daughter, in the village of Kazoku.  A son
lived nearby. 
 Any info would be great! I know they are not on the new Ellis Island
records web site, even though that's where Henry and family came threw,
to New York in 1903 (unless another surnames was used.) And staying with
relatives, but no info on Kessel? family. 

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pat creel   
Kendrick_ at webtv.com 

researching: Kumpakiske/Kumpakszke, Kumpakikis, Kumpakike,
Kumpakikiene, Kumpakikaite, 'Kumpakikaite', Meje/Mie/Mey/Meja
???, Kissel/Kessel?, Schultz/>NY>PENN>Cook
County,IL>OHIO>IL>LA>Mobile,AL>JacksonCounty,MS (no idea of some
counties in these states).
& also: James Pendarvis/Nancy Williams>Alachua County,FL>& Hannon
Jones/R.Rocha,1840  JacksonCounty,MS 

&  also:               
ElijahCreel/Vina?Creal/VinaDearman>Lauderdale County,MS>Mobile & Choctaw
Counties of Alabama, USA.

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