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John Marsch jmarsch at t2.net
Sat Nov 24 16:52:14 PST 2001

Hallo Reiner:
    There are several Pepel names in the SGGEE Pedigree Database and I have
found several Pipel names in the Lodz Trinity records I am presently working
    Can you provide more details regarding "given names" or "first names"
which would help to select the names which are of interest to you.
    The Pedigree Database is steadily getting larger and it would be to your
benefit if you could see your way to become a member of SGGEE which would
allow you access at all times.

John Marsch


>Hello, fellow searchers.
>As it takes too long waiting until I4ve completed reading the archiv of
>list, I already now want to introduce myself.
>I4m Reiner Kerp, born in 1943 at Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne. Me and my
>wife Ingrid nee Grohnert are living in Bavaria, southern Germany. We have
>two daughters, a son and two grandchilds.
>Since I4m retired some years ago, from being a soldier in the German Air
>Force, I have time enough for my hobby: Genealogy. Searching for my own
>ancestors is very easy because everthing is reachable (see
>http://reiner-kerp.de). The search for my wifes ancestors is difficult. She
>was born at Ko:nigsberg/Prussia which now belongs to Russia. Because of WW
>II she didn4t only loose her father but her homeland as well. Surprisingly
>many of the older church-records of East-Prussia are saved on LDS-films.
>Nevertheless search still is difficult.
>I4ve joined this list because I4m hoping for help on the search of my
>mother-in-laws ancestors. She, Else nee PEPEL was born in 1913 at Zdunska
>Wola near Lodz (Poland). Her father came there after 1886 from Rudzk Wielki
>near Sompolno (Poland, but Russia at that time) with his parents and two
>brothers. The family was evicted from Poland in 1911. Elses parents tried
>stay, but had to flee on start of WW I. While the others found the right
>to west, my wifes grandparents took the wrong way to East-Prussia, running
>completely into theWW II desaster.
>Starting my search with no knowledge in Polish or Russian at Sompolno, I
>found just a desert. No entries could be found in the IGI. So first, I
>to learn the needed Polish words. This was and is very, very hard. Thinking
>about how others could take advantage of my work, I copied a big, big
>of records. When I begun to transcribe the records, I learned from my
>searcher Art Lauf (Edmonton), that Al Muth already had done everthing I
>planned. As being no member of the
>S G G E E, unreachable for me (my budget for genealogy is limited).
>Nevertheless, if somebody wants scans of the marriage-records of the
>Sompolno-parish between 1840 and ca. 1862, I4d gladly provide.
>kind regards,
>mail at reiner-kerp.de
>P.S.: GEDCOM follows later
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