[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Franzdorf village in Volhynia, families Krentz and Kelm

Robert Radke rradke at telus.net
Wed Oct 17 01:39:02 PDT 2001

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Does anyone out there know the location of the village of Franzdorf in 
Volhynia, or anything about it?  This village is given as the birthplace of 
my great aunt Pauline KRENTZ (b. 1879, daughter of Georg KRENTZ and Karoline 
KELM or KOLM) in the record of her marriage to Edward LENTZ in the church 
books of the Moravian Church at South Edmonton.  Jerry Frank's best guess is 
that the village was located somewhere north or north-west of Wolodarsk in 
eastern Volhynia, but cannot pinpoint the village more accurately than this.  
(This location is consistent with other family events, which are recorded at 
Heimthal and Zhitomir.)

--Robert Radke <rradke at telus.net>

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