[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] KISCHINEV, POLLNITZ ?

Opal White owhite at 3-cities.com
Thu Oct 18 15:46:48 PDT 2001

(1) During the 1800-30? migration of German colonists, was Kischinev a
"distribution" point where colonists were assigned to villages?

(2) With Warsaw as a starting point would these colonists travel thru
Pollnitz? Would the birth of a Lutheran child born in Polinitz 1832-34 be
recorded there?

I have a hunch (naming patterns) my Reimann ancestors, whom I can't find a
birthplace for and ended up in Bessarabia were connected to the Reimann's in
Zhitomar area and were planning to join them. A written account of the
traveling group notes "when we got to Kichinev, there was no more land left--"
the group split up, with some assigned to villages in Bessarabia or found work
in other areas until they were again united in the Bessarabian village Plotzk
in 1838. Finding birth records of the child born in Pollnitz may produce vital
clues of parents birthplace-----my brick wall.
Opal in Wash. State

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