[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] KISCHINEV, POLLNITZ ?

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Kiszyniew was a large community on the north side of Bessarabia. I doubt it
would have been a factor in any migration to Volhynia, but might have been a
preliminary destincation for people going to Bessarabia or the Berezan
colonies. Unless, of course, they got the Kiszyniew planning to settle,
found no land, then looked at other options to the north.

Dave Obee

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> At 03:46 PM 18/10/2001 -0700, Opal White wrote:
> >(1) During the 1800-30? migration of German colonists, was Kischinev a
> >"distribution" point where colonists were assigned to villages?
> The only Kischinev I can find is alternately spelled Kosyniew.  It is
> located a short distance SE of Korzec (Korist), half way between Rowno and
> Nowograd Wolhynsk (Zwiahel).  It is a rather small place so I doubt it
> would be any kind of distribution point.
> I have never heard of a distribution point in Volhynia.  Most settlers
> at the invitation of landlord noblemen.  It is possible I suppose that
> arrived with the expectation of finding work with a particular nobleman in
> that area but instead found that his "quota" had been filled.  This is
> however speculation as the region to the SE of Korist is not a noted
> settlement area.  We can explore this possibility further if you have a
> different fixed location for Kischinev.
> >(2) With Warsaw as a starting point would these colonists travel thru
> >Pollnitz? Would the birth of a Lutheran child born in Polinitz 1832-34 be
> >recorded there?
> The only Pollnitz I can find would have been in West Prussia, NW of
> Warsaw.  It would not be typical for families to migrate from Warsaw to
> West Prussia and then back to Volhynia and/or Bessarabia - though I
> not impossible.  It might be more reasonable to assume that the Reimanns
> are connected in Pollnitz but that one branch ended up in Volhynia by way
> of Warsaw while the other went directly from Pollnitz to Bessarabia (or
> vice versa).  Remember though that these are always assumptions until you
> have proven them with actual records.
> >I have a hunch (naming patterns) my Reimann ancestors, whom I can't find
> >birthplace for and ended up in Bessarabia were connected to the Reimann's
> >Zhitomar area and were planning to join them.
> Naming patterns may be helpful in a local area but it is very difficult to
> make assumptions about them in widespread migration.  There is no doubt
> that there are many familial connections between Volhynian and Bessarabian
> Germans so the possibility should not be ignored.
> >A written account of the
> >traveling group notes "when we got to Kichinev, there was no more land
> >the group split up, with some assigned to villages in Bessarabia or found
> >in other areas until they were again united in the Bessarabian village
> >in 1838. Finding birth records of the child born in Pollnitz may produce
> >clues of parents birthplace-----my brick wall.
> >Opal in Wash. State
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