[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Grodzisko Dolne, Lancut, Poland

Robert Radke rradke at telus.net
Fri Oct 19 12:35:07 PDT 2001

On Thursday 18 October 2001 06:46, you wrote:
> In my ongoing search for Kronenbergers, I have come across an Antonia
> Kronberger, born about 1898 in Grodzisko Dolne, Lancut, Poland, according
> to a Family Search Ancestral File.  Is anyone familiar with this location?
> Don Kronenberger
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Hi Don!

I am far from expert on Polish geography, and hope that someone with more 
knowledge can set us right if I am leading you astray on this.  My only 
reason for jumping in here is that I know the language.

I suggest that your "Lancut" is present day Leczyca, not too far to the sw of 
Plock where I know that some of your Kronenbergers lived.  I base this 
conjecture on the frequent t/c substitution that occurs in Polish and on the 
e/en and a/an substitution that happens frequently in trying to render a 
Polish word in German or vice versa.

The name Grodzisko Dolne means "Lower Castle" or "Lower Castle Emplacement". 
(The other meaning of grodzisko ("powerful city") likely doesn't apply...).  
The meaning might be a clue about the location if someone out there knows 
something of the features of the area.

-Bob Radke

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