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Some years ago I wrote an article on German Baptists from Volhynia who
settled in St. Paul, MN.  I discovered that a Marie Radke had married Karl
Hintz in the Baptist church in Neudorf about 1890.  She was a daughter of
Karl and Amelia (Buchman) Radke, who had come to Volhynia from Koenigsberg.
Some of Marie's siblings were August, Karl, and perhaps a Heinrich (my
source was unsure).  After a short stay in Tennessee, Marie and Karl moved
to Fessenden, ND.  Connections were made with the Baptist church in St.
Paul, and 2 or 3 of their daughters married into families in that city.
Does any of this sound like these Radkes might be some of yours?

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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Franzdorf village in Volhynia, families
Krentz and Kelm

>Welcome all to our new mail list!
>Does anyone out there know the location of the village of Franzdorf in
>Volhynia, or anything about it?  This village is given as the birthplace of
>my great aunt Pauline KRENTZ (b. 1879, daughter of Georg KRENTZ and
>KELM or KOLM) in the record of her marriage to Edward LENTZ in the church
>books of the Moravian Church at South Edmonton.  Jerry Frank's best guess
>that the village was located somewhere north or north-west of Wolodarsk in
>eastern Volhynia, but cannot pinpoint the village more accurately than
>(This location is consistent with other family events, which are recorded
>Heimthal and Zhitomir.)
>--Robert Radke <rradke at telus.net>
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