[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Franzdorf village in Volhynia, families Krentz and Kelm

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Jerry and I too noted Stumpps reference to Adamowka/Freienwald, so it is
possible that there is another Frantzdorf in that location(I am not aware of
one but one does not normally expect Stumpp to make any mistakes); the
Franzdorf referred to in the Heimthal records would suggest a location north
of Wolodarsk, i.e. in 1883 the records are verified in Pawlinowka on July
23, July 25 records are confirmed at Alexanderowka by Franzdorf; in 1882
under the baptisms in Franzdorf  there is also a baptism that took place for
someone from Kerkewitz. This would suggest a location north of Wolodarsk.
Further indication of this as the correct location is given in the 1915
expulsion lists where under the Uezd of Kutozowka  the following Germans are
listed as expelled, 13 from Franzewka, 34 from Schura, 18 from Emilewka,
However in order to check on the possibility of another
Franzdorf/Adamowka/Freienwald I'm off to check the maps again to try to
clarify Stumpps  reference. Perhaps a "Frantzdorfer" will respond and give
us a definative answer.
Just did a quick check of an older Russian map and sure enough south of
Adamowka is a village named Fraynwald(my translation). I could not find my
reference to the Moravian Bretheran villages; this list might help in
verifying this particular village. With the name changes that ocurred and
the brief existence of some villages one does need a number of maps covering
different time periods in order to find specific villages. What a challenge.
Howard Krushel
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> Sorry to be a bit slow in getting around to checking on this, but there is
> Franzdorf listed on Karl Stumpp's Verzeichnis der deutschen Siedlungen in
> Ukrainisch-Wolhynien (in a 1962 Heimatbuch).  It gives another name for
> village as Freinwald, and says "see Adamowka".  Under Adamowka, the
> alternative name is given as Freienwald, rayon Pulin, Kirchspiel Heimthal.
> The location is D-5.  Sure enough, on the Stumpp map, in D-5, there is an
> Adamowka about 5km southwest of Pulin.
> Dick
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> Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Franzdorf village in Volhynia, families
> Krentz and Kelm
> >Welcome all to our new mail list!
> >
> >Does anyone out there know the location of the village of Franzdorf in
> >Volhynia, or anything about it?  This village is given as the birthplace
> >my great aunt Pauline KRENTZ (b. 1879, daughter of Georg KRENTZ and
> Karoline
> >KELM or KOLM) in the record of her marriage to Edward LENTZ in the church
> >books of the Moravian Church at South Edmonton.  Jerry Frank's best guess
> is
> >that the village was located somewhere north or north-west of Wolodarsk
> >eastern Volhynia, but cannot pinpoint the village more accurately than
> this.
> >(This location is consistent with other family events, which are recorded
> at
> >Heimthal and Zhitomir.)
> >
> >--Robert Radke <rradke at telus.net>
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