[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Posein of Piotskow, Poland

Jan Textor textor at post8.tele.dk
Sun Oct 21 04:19:05 PDT 2001

Alida, you wrote:

> I am searching for information on my husband's great grandfather and
> grandmother.  Their names are:
> Ludwig, Posein, Sr. born at Nicolaipol, Piotskow, Poland and her name
> was Eva Borschke also born at Nicolaipol,Piotskow,Poland.

I would suggest that Piotskow is a misreading of Piotrkow. In Piotrkow
Trybunalski, located at the coordinates 5124N 1941E, there was a Lutheran
parish during the years 1796-1806 and 1827-1945. The German name of this
town is Petrikau.

I could not find any Nicolaipol, but there is a village called Mikolajow
some 21 miles NNE of Piotrkow. The German name Nicolai/Nikolai is Mikolaj in
Polish, so perhaps this is the village of your ancestors?

Hope this helps.

Jan Textor, Denmark

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