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AlbertMuth at aol.com AlbertMuth at aol.com
Sun Oct 21 06:01:18 PDT 2001

I have another proposal for your Schvlse, where as others have rightly
commented, the V is impossible.  There is a 5 Aug 1855 marriage in Zagsrsw,
Sl~upca, Poznan~ for a Martin HENKE, born about 1834 in Emilienheim and
Susanne SCHLESE, born about 1836 in Adelhof. (FHL film #0765777/1855/#27)

Martin's parents were Johann HENKE and Anna Katharine LUCHT.  I have had some
difficulty with flourishes in the handwriting of this parish, particularly in
the LUCHT name.  Twice I have recorded L|cht, which leads me to believe I
need to look at the flourishes again.  But I think this is a match.

Susanne's parents were August SCHLESE and Renate GEBAUER

I only have looked at two films in this area, covering marriages up to 1859.
The one film has births to 1859 also, so I can check that for a child or two.

It looks like there are films for births 1859-1864, 1866-1870, 1871, 1876-80,
1880-1883 so if you knew children of the couple, you might be able to track
them down there.

al muth

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