[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Szklaney Bozynskiey

Karl Lenz k.j.lenz at sk.sympatico.ca
Sun Oct 21 15:08:12 PDT 2001

In the 1820 Uniejow (located south of Dabie) Civil Records, a witness at the
baptism of my gr gr grandfather was identified as follows:

Pana Filicyana Wizner age 24 w Ucu Szklaney Bozynskiey Maystra Mieszkalnego

My interpretation of this is Mrs Felix Wizner at village (Wsi) Szklaney
Bozynskiey, master craftsman, residential dweller.  I have been unable to
locate the place Szklaney Bozynskiey.  Since the mother to my gr gr
grandfather was a Wiesner, I am hoping to find this place and hence
information on this likely relative, Felix Wiesner.  Any help would be

Karl Lenz 

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