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Robert Radke rradke at telus.net
Sun Oct 21 20:25:17 PDT 2001

It is unfortunate that we don't have just a few more words of context here.  
The correct Polish for "at village" would be "we wsi".  Another possibility 
might be that "Ucu" is an abbreviation of "ulica= street", though as with "w 
wsi" the form of the word seems to be a bit off, and ought to end in "e" and 
not "u"  when used with "w= in" if this indeed  is the word. The name 
"Szklanej Bozynskiej" is no help, in that it has the correct endings for both 
these hypotheses, and doesn't differentiate them.  Would this place be of a 
size to have named streets?

Like Jerry, I am stumped by "Bozynskiej".  I have most of the standard Polish 
dictionaries, and this is not in them.

Pana Filicyana Wizner = "of Mr. Filicjan  Wizner".  

majster mieszkalny = the occupation of Pan Wizner, perhaps a master 
residential builder or something along those lines? (majstra mieszkalnego = 
"of [this occupation]" The word form matches "Pana" = of Mr. )

Hopefully it will all be clear when Jerry sees the record, but I hope 
something here is of use.  Good luck.

--Bob Radke

On Sunday 21 October 2001 16:45, Jerry Frank wrote:
> At 04:08 PM 21/10/2001 -0600, Karl Lenz wrote:
> >In the 1820 Uniejow (located south of Dabie) Civil Records, a witness at
> > the baptism of my gr gr grandfather was identified as follows:
> >
> >Pana Filicyana Wizner age 24 w Ucu Szklaney Bozynskiey Maystra
> > Mieszkalnego
> >
> >My interpretation of this is Mrs Felix Wizner at village (Wsi) Szklaney
> >Bozynskiey, master craftsman, residential dweller.  I have been unable to
> >locate the place Szklaney Bozynskiey.  Since the mother to my gr gr
> >grandfather was a Wiesner, I am hoping to find this place and hence
> >information on this likely relative, Felix Wiesner.  Any help would be
> >appreciated.
> Not trying to be sexist but I think it highly unlikely that a woman would
> be considered a master craftsman in this time period.  A married woman
> would be "Pani" and a single woman would be "Panna".  So it is probably Mr.
> Felix Wizner.
> Szklaney = glass (adjective form;  i.e. glassy)
> I cannot find Bozynskiey in my reference resources but I am wondering if
> this isn't a phrase describing the profession rather than a place name.  If
> you can send a scan of the record to me, I will see if there is a better
> interpretation of the handwriting.
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