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Mon Oct 22 05:17:29 PDT 2001

At 09:14 PM 21/10/2001 -0700, jack lehman wrote:
>I am looking for the Polish seaports used by Germans from Russia enroute to
>the US approx 1907. My great grandfather was suppose to have died or was
>killed waiting for the ship. Is there any office, bureau, etc that I could
>contact that would have records?

In 1907, Poland, such as it was under Russian rule, was landlocked and had 
no seaports.  This was the case since the partitions of the late 1700s 
through to the end of WW I.

Most Germans from Russia would have departed mainland Europe from Hamburg, 
many of those travelling by way of Liverpool.  Some departed from coastal 
points in the Baltic States but would still probably have transferred 
vessels at Hamburg.

I have seen information that the LDS have microfilmed some kind of Hamburg 
police records applicable to departing passengers but I have not personally 
used them and do not know if they contain the kind of information you are 

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