[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Gostynin region: Schultz, Schoning, etc

Mattie Mitchell mattie at capecod.net
Wed Oct 31 15:09:04 PST 2001

Dear Listers,
        My name is Mattie Mitchell and I know some of you from other lists.
I just wanted to post my interests and see if anyone recognized the names. I
am researching Schultz, Scho:ning, Weiss, Kasper, Myslak, Bo:hm, Kryger and
Scheler in the Gostynin, Poland area, on the Vistula near Plock.
Specifically these lines:
Jan Gotfryd Schultz (1781-1824) m. Marie Lowisa Bo:hm (1786, Bulge,

Joachim Christoph Schoning (1798, Breddin, Pruss-??) m. 1821 Karoline Myslak
(1803, Gabin, Gost. Poland-1831)

Jan Scheler (1797, Osiny, Dabie, Poland-1832) m. 1818 Anna Kristine Kryger
(1802, Gostynin-1846)

Jan Karl Kasper (1795-1835) m. Charlotte Dorota Weiss (1802, Sankt Johann,

If you recognize any of these names, or could give me clues to these places,
or know anyone who has access to the records of these places, please reply.
Have fun researching, Mattie Mitchell mattie at capecod.net

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