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> Can anyone help me with the meaning of this word?
> I have found it after the name of my ancestor.

"Haeusling" or "Haeusler" describes a social status, not a
profession. The Haeusling would be a cottager with a small house,
garden and a little land for animals but generally no farmland.
So he had to hire out for wages, often as a day laborer, whether
as a farm worker or engaged in a trade. Frequently, he was an
independent craftsman. Up to the 19th century he was not part of
the village community. Sometimes the Hdusling didn't own a house,
but would be a "lodger".
(from: 'Hilfswvrterbuch f|r Historiker' by Haberkern/Wallach)

If you read German, you may want to see the definition given by
Adelung in 1811:
on http://mdz.bib-bvb.de/digbib/lexika/adelung/text/ click on the
search button, then enter Hdusler or Hdusling (umlaut required).

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