[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Polish translation

Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 5 17:22:47 PDT 2002


I personally have not researched any records with columns, but I am sure
other have and may be more knowledgeable.

Armed with my Polish Word List, my best shot at these columns headings are

"Ich postnowienie"   - Ich = their
Not sure of the second word, possible misspelling?

"stan uodzenia" (urodzenia?)  = status/condition  and  birth

"miejsce ich urodzenia" = place/locality of birth

"Z kad przybyli"    "z" = with / from
                    "Kad    I don't know
                     I believe  "przybyli" means 'arrival'

What is the source of your civil record?

Rose Ingram

From: "Linda K. Bowen"
> Can anyone tell me what the meaning of the following polish words are. These
> are column headings in a civil record.
> "Ich postnowienie".,  "stan uodzenia",     "miejsce ich urodzenia",     "Z
> przybyli"
> Thank you,
> Linda Bowen

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