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I have just joined the list.  Thought I would peek in and say hello.

My grandmother and grandfather were both born in Poland, but were German 
(Lutheran).  My GM was Anna Reschke, b. 1897 in Florencja, Plock, Poland and 
my GF was Adam Betcher and I am not certain where he is from.   Both were 
listed as coming from Russia on the ship manifests.  GF was 1913 and GM I 
can't remember but close to that time.

That is one reason I am on this list.  To perhaps get some advise from you.  
I got his copy of the Ship Manifest from Ellis Island and I can not decipher 
where he is from.  I know that one place is the German for Warsaw.  The name 
of the town was written by the clerk and I can't figure out a pattern of 
letters for it.

I received his naturalization papers yesterday.  It said he was born in 
Kunecpul Poland.  On the Polish Roots list, someone told me that it might be  
 KONIECPOL, Poland.  If someone pronounced Koniecpol in German, do you think 
it would sound like Kunecpul to the clerk??  I don't know how to pronouce 
either one of them. :O)  My GF had a very heavy german accent.

An email friend, in Poland, found the farm where my Grandmother was born and 
actually met 3 people who remember my great grandfather and 2 daughters who 
stayed in Poland when my GM and her sister came to America.  I was 
astounded!!!  I never knew my grandmother, because she died soon after I was 
born, and he found 3 people who remember her father! And they are still 
living!!  Of course the family had to leave Poland after WWII and go to 
Germany.  My mother never heard from them after my GM died in 1943. (tells 
you how old I am - opps)

This gentleman from Poland, drove from Warsaw to Florencja and took pictures 
of the land where they lived, which I have posted on the web.  If you would 
like to see them:


Thanks for your ears, and I hope to hear from some of you soon.
J   Jan

J   Jan

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