[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Kautz/redlich/Schindel

Dave Obee daveobee at shaw.ca
Sat Aug 24 13:06:39 PDT 2002

Re the following -- by any chance, did you make a copy of this so you can
refer to it again?

> Since my first post, I went to the Cloverdale Library to look at the
> microfiche on the Ships Passenger list.  Can someone tell me exactly what
> this means.  It was under the category of Country and Place of Birth, I
> enlarged it as much as I could, however it was really hard to read.  It
> showed the following for Arnold Kautz(born 1924), Lydia Kautz nee
> Schultz(born 1893)  and Adolph Kautz(born 1888):
>      Veronesh
>      Chernirov Gov
>      Gov. Volhynien,
>      Vil. Boriscvka

Did it list that for all three people? Using ditto marks, or whatever? Or is
that combination of what it said for all three? Usually those columns just
show a couple of words for each person; I've never seen anyone have a
seven-word entry there.

> then under relatives it had:
>      Julius Kautz - Ukraine     157273 Shitomir
>      Gov. Volhynek, Vil. Borisovka
> under my (adopted)grandmother's brother's(Adolph Schultz) file, it showed:
>      mother-Otlie Schultz - Ukraine    157266 - Shitomir
>      Gov. Volhynsk   Vil. Warwarovka  25Jul28
This part is quite straighforward -- Julius is living in one of the
Berisowkas in Volhynia, and Ottilie is in one of the Warwarowkas.
The six-digit numbers, the word Shitomir and the date have nothing to do
with the relatives. Those entries refer to the passports issued to the
immigrants; that column is just to the right of the one asking about

Dave Obee

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