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Sat Aug 24 13:17:40 PDT 2002

Hello Rose,  

Thanks so much for answering.  According to what you are saying, that must be 
the place.  I don't know how a German would pronounce Koniecpol, I don't know 
how to pronounce it.  But this must be right.

My grandfather, Adam Betcher was the son of Wilhelm Betcher and his mother's 
maiden name was Amelia Bielow!!  Guess you got that from the website.  

It just all boggles my mind!  I have no idea what I am doing, but I never, 
ever thought anyone would find the farmland where they lived.  It just amazed 
my mother, too.  

I bought a map book of Poland, but gave it to my mother and each time we see 
each other, both of us for get to get it.  I was able to look on an online 
map and find Koniecpol.

The gentleman who took these photos doesn't seem to be online any more.  The 
church where my grandmother was confirmed is in Sierpc.  A lady in California 
has family in Sierpc and says that it seems her cousin was in my 
grandmother's confirmation class. I guess they went to church in Godzy and 
then for big events, went to Sierpc.  The church is now a Catholic Church and 
she sent me a photo postcard of it in an email.  I was going to do a sketch 
of it, but it isn't clear enough for me to see it.  I actually should add it 
to my site.  But, it is a small small world, now - especially with the 

My mother said that someone ine the Betcher family did a family tree type 
thing many years ago.  Of course, they are all gone now, but if they could 
trace the family, perhaps I can too.  I just don't know where to start with 
his stuff.

Well, thank you so much for emailing!!  Janice  I think I will join the 

> Jan;
> Glad you peeked in.  I would say Koniecpol is the spelling you want.
> The Shtetlseeker locates only two Koniecpol towns or villages - one about 
> 100
> miles SSW of Kielce and the other SSE of Kielce City.
> In my personal research I have found a village by the same name mentioned 
> in
> the Gostynin parish records.  Gostynin is 20 miles SW of Plock city, and
> Koniecpol is between these two towns.  Looking deeper into my records I see
> the Betcher/Boettcher name and also the Bielow/Bulow name in Gostynin 
> parish
> indexes.   This may be the area you are looking for.

J   Jan

J   Jan

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