[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: Bobrowniki in county Lipno, Congress Poland (Jerry Frank)

Uwe Kerntopf uwe at kerntopf.com
Mon Aug 26 03:12:12 PDT 2002

Dear list,

ger-poland-volhynia-request at eclipse.sggee.org schrieb:
> I don't have any information about this parish.  It is a film that has been
> in the LDS archive for a long time.
> There are times when LDS films are mislabelled so it is possible that these
> are Catholic records, not Lutheran.  The film does not appear on the SGGEE
> list but it is in an older paper publication from the early 1990s.

unless no one else has an answer to that question, I think the best thing
is, that I order this film next time I will visit the Mormons in Cologne.
Then we will know, what in particular can be found on this film.


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