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Pschedetz and Przedecz are most certainly the same, but I don't think that
"my" Gottlieb Arndt and your grandfather are one and the same.  However, I
am almost certain that you will be able to find some information about your
ancestors in the pedigree database of the Society for German Genealogy in
Eastern Europe (SGGEE).  You can read more about the SGGEE here:
In order to get access to the pedigree database it is necessary to become a
member, but perhaps some of the other members will be able to help you,
which is why I am forwarding your message to the mail list service of the
Perhaps you will get some direct replies.

Best wishes,
Jan Textor, Denmark

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> Hello,
> My g-grandfather, Gottlieb Arndt, was born (ca.1838?) in (sounds
> like) Pschedetz (possibly Przedecz), Poland.  He married Julia Ziem(m)er.
> Some of Gottlieb's children's names were Augusta, Rose, Bertha, Emilie,
> Julia, Michel and my grandmother, Amalie.  They migrated from Poland to
> Wolhynia in the Ukraine.  Amalie and her husband, Eduard Meier, migrated
> to the USA in 1911.  Her father, Gottlieb, stayed behind and a rumor was
> that he was send to Siberia.
> Do you have any idea if my Gottlieb Arndt hooks up to your Gottlieb
> Arndt in any way?  I greatly appreciate any help you can give me.
> Thanks,
> Jeanne

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