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I have Redlich relatives who live in the Bigger and Lang Saskatchewan area.
Albert Redlich was born Sept 19, 1879.  His wife was Emily Patzer born April
27, 1880 in Wolynia, Poland.  They were married in 1903.  They arrived in
Lang Saskatchewan in 1910 by way of Ellis Island.

If this is of any help, please contact me for more specific information.

This information is documented in:

A Harvest of Memories (pgs. 700-706) vol. 2
ISBN 0-88925-602-0
North Biggar History Book Committee
Box 446
Biggar, Saskatchewan SOK OMO
first printing, 1986

Re:  Arnold Kautz was born in 1924 in Volhynia, Russia

Arnold is my father.  He apparently was the youngest of eight children.
When he was approximately 2 years old, he was adopted by Adolph and Lydia
Kautz who were also born in Volhynia, Russia.  They apparently knew Arnold's
parents who deceased.  The oldest girl, name unknown was approximately 16
years old when Arnold was two.  The Kautz's immigrated to Canada when he was
four years old in 1928 and settled in Guernsey, Saskatchewan.  Arnold's
adoptive parents are now deceased.  The only possible information we have on
his natural birth parents is that the mothers maiden name may have been:
    Amelia, Emelie, or Emily Schindel
and she married a Redlich(unsure if this is corrrect).  No names are known
for his siblings, who may or may not have been adopted.  Unknown what town
in Volhynia that Arnold was born in.  Lydia Kautz's maiden name was Lydia
Schultz, who had a sister Emily Schultz(who married Ernest Langner) and she
had a brother Adolf Schultz.  So all of these names may be found together.
My background is Lutheran, and my father spoke German and apparently
understood some Ukrainian(I am unsure about the Ukrainian part).  I am
trying to locate information on my dad's natural parents and his siblings.
Also what town in Volhynia he was born in.
Carol Kautz

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