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Warren Buchholz wbuchholz at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 28 20:48:37 PDT 2002

I hope some one might have some information on the town or settlement called {Trezemcha dolna }i found it on the maps at sggee under Russian Poland webmapc.
Was this place a Russian German settlement and if so what year was it first started,or is this place still their today .
My grt grandfather Johan Buchholz born July 24 1856 was said or thought to have been born at or near Radom Poland , now i have discovered that his brother Martin Buchholz born abt 1867 who went thru Ellis Island in 1907 put on the ships manifest that he was born in Trzemchadolna .
Would not the town of Ilza or Lipsko be the closest major center rather then Radom?
I know that Johan also lived in the Volhynia Zhitomir region in December 08,1882 his first son Heinrich Buchholz was born  then.

Johan Buchholz married Louise Messerschmidt  abt 1880
and Louise died abt 1893.
Johan Buchholz and Louise Messerschmidt children are,,
Heinrich b.dec 08,1882           Adolph b.sept 03,1889    
Emilie b.sept 29,1884             Wanda b.Dec 12,1892
Herman b.May 02,1887
Then Johan married Marie Doberstein on July 02,1895 and Marie was born June 02,1875 at Josephow Russia.
Johan Buchholz and Marie Doberstein children that were born in russia are .
Carl b March 02,1900
Martin b.Sept 23,1902
Johan and Marie  and the two youngest children imigrated in 1902 to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada then in 1904 the rest of the children were brought over.

Any information on the Buchholz Family or Trzemcha dolna would be greatly appreciated.
                                               Thank You

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