[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Gerhard NIEMEYER Ostenberg Ger. 1800+/-

Linda Hawkins linhawk at keyway.net
Fri Aug 30 09:45:47 PDT 2002

Hello All,
  My first post also.
 My stone wall is Gerhard NIEMEYER.
Gerhard was b. approx 1801-4 SOMEWHERE in Germany.
He arrived in the USA approx 1850.
He had a son Anton who was also b. in Germany.
On one of the census' for place of birth Anton (Anthony) and his wife 
both said they were b. in OSTENBERG then it was crossed out and Ger. 
Ger. written in it's place.
I did find a Gerhard NIEMEYER with a son Anton in Vol. 4 of Germans to 
but the wife was Gertruda and on Anton's d.c. it said his mother was 
Catherine not Gertruda
and there was a good 10 or so years difference in age between Gertruda 
and Catherine.
Does anyone know of OSTENBERG?
many thanks,    Linda

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