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Don Kronenberger sdkron at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 1 16:56:16 PST 2002

John and Dick - I too have a Kisser connection.  I have a Henriette 
Kronenberger marrying a Karl Kisser in Zhitomir, Volhynia on 18 Nov. 1879. 
I'd welcome any further information on this couple.

Don Kronenberger

>>From: "Richard Stein" <stein at enel.ucalgary.ca>
>To: "John Faunt" <jfaunt at thefourjays.com>
>Cc: <ger-poland-volhynia at eclipse.sggee.org>
>Subject: RE: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Payment to Archive
>Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 17:25:41 -0700
>Hi John,
>I have obtained numerous records from Polish archives and have made payment
>with a World Money Order in Canadian funds (as I live in Canada) equivalent
>to the quoted cost in USD.  The bank charge is only $5.00 Canadian.
>Electronic funds transfer would be much quicker but also much more
>By the way, I note you are researching the name Kisser from the Sompolno
>area.  I have a Kisser connection.  Karoline Kisser, born circa 1830, was
>the wife of Andreas Fergin.  They lived in Przewoz Maly, just north of
>Sompolno.  Please contact me privately if you want to follow up.
>Dick Stein
>stein at enel.ucalgary.ca

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