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    I've checked all the birth work sheets I have for 1883 and wasn't able to
find the missing entries.  I would guess that I have at least 3/4 of the birth
translation work sheets for 1883 that are applicable to the three parishes.  I
paid particular attention to Heimtal parish because that's where Pastor Wasem
hung out and I have _all_ the work sheets for that year and parish but turned
up nothing.
    It may be as you fear, there was at least one page from the film that was
overlooked somewhere.
    If it isn't too inconvenient to have another look at the film, and you can
get the number of the film and the page the entry is on, I would be able to
zero in a closer.  I hope there aren't too many like this.




  Hi John:
  He was born on March 27, 1883, Baptised June I, 1883 by Pastor Wasem. He was
#51 on the enrty. #50 was Pauline Henkel, father Gottlieb mother Auphrosyne
gb. Appel.
  #49 was (no name) Albertine. #48 Meier Frieidrich Wilhelm father Friedrich
Wilhelm mother Anna Rosalie gb Gatzke.
  I didn't make a note of the film #, sorry. It could be Heimtal or Zhitomir.
I can go to the Family History center in the next few days and get the film #.
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        Which of the three Volhynian parishes, Heimtal, Roszyzce or Zhitomir
should your uncle be found in?  I have the translated work sheets (from which
the databases were typed) for about 20 thousand names.   I know the year of
course 1882 but not the parish, and if you have the film number you discovered
Robert Ittermann's birth, that would help a lot.
        I will try to determine whether Robert Ittermann's record was
translated and put on the worksheets, or if the data got lost in the
electronic processing.  Even though I haven't got all the work sheets, just
the ones I typed, it's worth a shot.

    John Marsch


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