[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re:Karolinka & Rudinka, Volhynia

Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 5 11:38:03 PST 2002

My map shows one Karolinka in Volhynia, about 20 km NNW of Pulin and 16 km 
WNW of Wolodarsk.

ShtetlSeeker reports and one of my older maps shows another Karolinka about 
14 km SE of Pulin.  The Berkley map 
http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/EART/maps/x-ussr/M-35-057.jpg  shows it as 
Jasnogorka / Iasnogorka on vertical line 98 and just above horizontal line 82.

There is one Rudenka on my map also known as Rudzienski.  It is about 10 km 
SE of Kostopol.

There could of course be others but these are the ones I found.  Do you 
have any other info that would help verify if this is the general area 
where other family members lived?

At 11:34 AM 05/12/2002 -0700, Nelson wrote:
>I have a grandmother Karolina Henkel born in Karolinka, Volhynia on August 
>16, 1848. She married my grandfather Peter Ittermann in Rudinka,Volhynia 
>on February 5, 1871. Any inkaling where these towns or villages are located?

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
jkfrank at shaw.ca 

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