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Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 8 22:12:42 PST 2002

You can find the source info by backing up one level on the site to 

Contemporary, historical, and varying scales of maps are often needed to 
finally find a place of interest.  Sometimes a place is shown on a 
1:300,000 scale that is not shown on the much more detailed 1:50,000 
scale.  One of the biggest advantages of the ShtetlSeeker site is the 
soundex system it uses which very often allows you to find a village based 
on the way your ancestor pronounced it.  But there are also villages that 
ShtetlSeeker misses yet they appear in a contemporary road atlas, so it is 
extremely valuable yet not perfect.

At 08:59 PM 08/12/2002 -0800, greg swanson wrote:
>Just curious- what map or source does Shtetlseeker
>use? I have a pretty good contemporary map of what is
>now Poland and couldn't find the villages for which I
>was looking, but Shtetlseeker gave me all three
>(actually one of them had three different places for
>the same village- go figure). ANYWAY, I'm pretty

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