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Tue Dec 10 20:28:08 PST 2002

Hi Everyone:
I thought I would put out another message on the listserv since my original 
information has changed quite a bit through a lot of digging. I recently 
received some information from a relative that found the paper that my 
grandmother wrote my dad's real parents names on, so I am seeking 
information on the below notes names in the message.  They would have lived 
in Barashowka, Volhynia in May of 1924 for sure when Arnold Kautz(adopted 
last name for sure)was born.  His parents would have died within two years 
as he was adopted by Adolph and Lydia Kautz in approximately 1926 and then 
came to Canada in 1928.  The parents apparently had some sickness.  There 
were seven children of which Arnold was the youngest and the oldest girl was 
approx 16 when Arnold was two.  I have no names for the other children nor 
do I know where they went.  This is what was sent to me and if anyone has 
any information about this family please let me know.  My dad came from a 
village called Borisovka, near Warwarwowka in Volynia:

"Here is what I have.  This was written out by Grandma Kautz herself:
Mother - Augusta Schindel  (note, she put a-  ' over the u's in Augusta)

Father - Manntay (last name), (note looks like her writing shows a tay
or could be a toy, I believe it looks more like a tay.
Good Luck."


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