[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Ancestral Haupt family from Laschinsk/Konin

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Hi Al,

I'll do the German translation for Petra.

Greetings from Germany,


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> Haupt and Kinas (Kinast, K|hnast) are names that I associate with Zagsrsw
> parish, West of Konin.  In Zagsrsw parish, there is a town called
> similar to Laschinsk.
> Christian Haupt is born 1830.  His son Robert is born 1888.  I would like
> to know the approximate birth order of all Robert's brothers and sisters.
> Is Robert the first child, or last child, or in the middle? I think Marie
> Kinas
> may be a second (third?) marriage.
> I have checked Konin marriages 1862 to 1880, but did not find a marriage
> Christian Haupt and Marie Kinas.  I have checked Zagsrsw marriages
> 1850-1859, 1866-1871 with negative results.  I have ordered a film
> the 1860-1865 period, which may or may not have the marriage.  The
> parish of Grodziec, located inbetween Zagsrsw and Konin, MAY be
> another place to look, but I do not have any records for this time period.
> Petra knows that Konin is the area of focus.  If she can provide years of
> birth for the brothers and sisters of Robert OR estimate them, it might be
> easy to look for their birth records.  I do not have access to the Konin
> birth records for 1866-1884 (two different films).
> al
> P.S.  Petra will receive this in English.  Can someone PLEASE send her a
> rough translation? I thank you, and I am sure she will too!
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