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Fri Dec 13 07:00:08 PST 2002

    Now that Nelson has established that the missing records he was concerned
with were for Kiev, the explanation is simple.
    Kiev was not included in the original Volhynian St Pete extraction
program, only Zhitomir, Heimtal and Rozsycze records were extracted.
    It is the fond hope of SGGEE, and no doubt others, that the Kiev records
will soon be extracted in a similar manner as the three aforementioned
parishes.  BTW extractions for Podolia are almost completed.
    Nelson's concern over missing records in the existing pixel files for the
three parishes resulted in several hours of detailed examination of those
files and there were indeed errors discovered.  A need at some future time to
review these files is obvious, in order to ensure any ommissions and errors
are corrected so far as possible.  In the meantime users of the pixel files or
any other similar databases are well advised to always check the source film
to verify, or possibly expand on the information given.

John Marsch

  You will recall that I had made a discovery to find that my uncle Robert
Ittermann was on the St.Petersburg Film but not on the Digital Library. Spent
a few hours at the Family History Centre in Edmonton today.
  The 1883 film # 1895614/3 Page 356 Item 51 is where the entry for Robert is
made. Verzeichniss der Gebrorenen und Getauften in der Gemeinde KIEW fur der
jahr 1883. I also made copies of pages 355 and 354 and it appears that all the
entries on those pages are also not on the Digital Library.
  I have made a further discovery. The 1872 Film #1884114/1 Page 423 Item 80
shows a listing for my uncle August Ittermann. This entry also does not show
on the Digital Library. It also appear the others iitems on the page are not
on the Digital Library.
  These entries are also from the Gemeinde  KIEW.
  John Marsch has asked me to forward copies of these pages to him so that he
can continue to further his investigation.
  Let me reiterate that I am not making these discoveries known for any other
purpose than telling researchers to go the Family History Centers to search
for those missing ancestors on the original films. The may well be there.
  For those doing research in the Edmonton area, I'm told that all the St.
Petersburg Films are available there.
  Nelson Itterman
  Edmonton, Alberta

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