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Thanks Jerry for sorting out our problems.
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> The Kiew parish records were never extracted!  That is why these pages
> never done!  You won't find any of those pages in the online
> records.  There are many other parishes within the St. Pete microfilms
> are not online.
> I couple of us have been working on the Podolia records which we hope to
> have completed in the spring.  After that we will begin extracting the
> records.
> At 08:34 PM 12/12/2002 -0700, Nelson wrote:
> >You will recall that I had made a discovery to find that my uncle Robert
> >Ittermann was on the St.Petersburg Film but not on the Digital Library.
> >Spent a few hours at the Family History Centre in Edmonton today.
> >The 1883 film # 1895614/3 Page 356 Item 51 is where the entry for Robert
> >is made. Verzeichniss der Gebrorenen und Getauften in der Gemeinde KIEW
> >fur der jahr 1883. I also made copies of pages 355 and 354 and it appears
> >that all the entries on those pages are also not on the Digital Library.
> >I have made a further discovery. The 1872 Film #1884114/1 Page 423 Item
> >shows a listing for my uncle August Ittermann. This entry also does not
> >show on the Digital Library. It also appear the others iitems on the page
> >are not on the Digital Library.
> >These entries are also from the Gemeinde  KIEW.
> >John Marsch has asked me to forward copies of these pages to him so that
> >he can continue to further his investigation.
> >Let me reiterate that I am not making these discoveries known for any
> >other purpose than telling researchers to go the Family History Centers
> >search for those missing ancestors on the original films. The may well be
> >there.
> >For those doing research in the Edmonton area, I'm told that all the St.
> >Petersburg Films are available there.
> Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
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