[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Location of Boratin, Romanow, Dabrowka and Helenow

TRecks1999 at aol.com TRecks1999 at aol.com
Fri Dec 13 21:16:01 PST 2002

Hello all,

Could someone more informed than I clear up some confusion?

I am trying to trace the steps of my family as they moved across Volhynia.  The towns I am researching have such similar names to so many others, I cannot decide which would be correct.

It would be my guess that these towns would be close together or on one of the main roads but I cannot find any area with these towns close to each other.  Why I think this is because of the different towns listed as birth places for my grandad and his brother and sisters.  

In question are the towns of "Boratin" and "Roschiche".  Both are listed as the birth place for Friedrich Reck...son of Friedrich Reck and Eva Felske.

Roschiche is the easy one.  Boratin on the other hand.  Several towns have that name.  My great aunt Emilie Reck was born in "Boratin-Romanow" and my great aunt Anna Juliane Reck was born in "Romanowka", and great aunt Pauline was born in "Romanow" and babtized in "Helenow".  Great Uncle Wilhelm born in "Dabrowka"

Are these all the same towns? or are the parishes or districts?

Also, while living in "Romanow" the family is listed as being Russian subjects/citizens, what does that imply?

Thanks for any help, and Merry Christmas all;

Tim Recks
Reck, Kehle/Koehle, Felske/Felski, Steier, Thiele, Winterle 

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