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William Remus remus at cba.hawaii.edu
Sat Dec 14 13:00:44 PST 2002

As noted earlier on this list, the Kiev records are not indexed but are
available on microfilm from the Mormons. The records are nearly complete for
1885 and earlier. All but one missing year is available at the Kiev
archives. The SGGEE website lists the film numbers.

These records are easy to work with. The parish is relatively small so the
number of records to dig through are relatively few compared to Volhynia.
The pastor also had very clear writing and kept fairly detailed records
(parents of brides and grooms and the villages in which the births occurred,
for example). It is quite elegant script but unfortunately old German

The pastor lived in Kiev and when the land unfroze, he would go out to the
villages and find out what had happened during winter (babies and deaths).
(I don't blame him for avoiding the Ukrainian winter and staying snug in
Kiev). So the annual information for each village clumps together as he
travels from village to village. My villages of Romansdorf, Ludwigsdorf,
Grunwald, and Malin were usually in the area of record #100 in the birth
register. Usually you had to get married when he visited or visit him in
Kiev so the marriage records are not clumped.

The pastor in Kiev and the one in Volhynia baptized as they traveled (parish
lines weren't signposted) so you may find Kiev records in Volhynia (for
example Grunwald village) and some east Volhynia records in Kiev).

The post 1885 records are in Russian (unreadable to me) and are at the Kiev
archives. By the way, is there a good person in Kiev who searches these
archives on request?

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Bill Remus

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