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Hello Al:
Do you know if the Civil Records for all the Parishes in Volhynia would be
available in the Public Records offices where the people were born? For
example: If my Gr.Grandfather was born in the Radomyschl area in 1832 that
civil records may be available in Radomyschl or Kiew?
I know my civil birth records, where my birth was registered in Wolodarsk,
were obtained by my father in April 1926 in preparation for the move to
Canada. If my fathers birth was also registered there in 1895 do you think
it's possible that I might be able to obtain it from the Vital Statistics
Books in the district of Wolodarsk?   You see, my grandfather whose birth
was registered in the Lutheran Church had become a Baptist, his later
children's birth would not be registered in the Lutheran Church. All the
Baptist Records seem to have taken a walk in Volhynia, so this may be  the
only way to get these documents. I knoowo this is a hypothetical question
Al, but give your best educated shot.

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> Hi folks,
> I commented not too long ago that I found it curious
> that the starting date available for the Civil Records
> of Zagorow strangely seemed to coincide with that of
> the Lutheran parish. I said I would order a Civil film covering marriages
for a period that was missing from
> the Lutheran filming.
> Well, I had my first look at film #0127739 today,
> covering marriages 1843-1871.  IT IS IDENTICAL TO
> THE LUTHERAN PARISH!!!!  This means that Those of You
> with Zagorow roots can check out the records all the
> way from 1843 to 1940!! (deaths only to 1938)
> I will be ordering the second marriage film 1871-1895,
> since it is conveniently filmed this way, and incorporate
> those records into my annual contribution to SGGEE.
> Al Muth
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