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Hello William:
How I envy you your ability to read the old German script.I have enough
difficulty with the later script.
I know I have ancestors in those early years, but have no way of reading
them. Maybe some good soul will extract them and translate them into
readable form. Thanks for the information.
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> As noted earlier on this list, the Kiev records are not indexed but are
> available on microfilm from the Mormons. The records are nearly complete
> 1885 and earlier. All but one missing year is available at the Kiev
> archives. The SGGEE website lists the film numbers.
> These records are easy to work with. The parish is relatively small so the
> number of records to dig through are relatively few compared to Volhynia.
> The pastor also had very clear writing and kept fairly detailed records
> (parents of brides and grooms and the villages in which the births
> for example). It is quite elegant script but unfortunately old German
> script.
> The pastor lived in Kiev and when the land unfroze, he would go out to the
> villages and find out what had happened during winter (babies and deaths).
> (I don't blame him for avoiding the Ukrainian winter and staying snug in
> Kiev). So the annual information for each village clumps together as he
> travels from village to village. My villages of Romansdorf, Ludwigsdorf,
> Grunwald, and Malin were usually in the area of record #100 in the birth
> register. Usually you had to get married when he visited or visit him in
> Kiev so the marriage records are not clumped.
> The pastor in Kiev and the one in Volhynia baptized as they traveled
> lines weren't signposted) so you may find Kiev records in Volhynia (for
> example Grunwald village) and some east Volhynia records in Kiev).
> The post 1885 records are in Russian (unreadable to me) and are at the
> archives. By the way, is there a good person in Kiev who searches these
> archives on request?
> Best Christmas Wishes
> Bill Remus
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