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Mon Dec 16 09:02:42 PST 2002

These were paper files only as far as I am aware. I don't believe that
they have been filmed at all. Efim is a researcher that I contacted after
I read a listing on the ger-poland-volhynia listserve indicating that he
had found some additional records. This was probably February or so of
this year. He and his researchers found a total of 12 family records that
included birth and death records. When I received copies of the actual
records (in Russian) I found an additional record making it 13 in total.
It took several months and hundreds of dollars but I got the records.

As Jerry indicates it is not errors in the St. Petersburg Records but
rather additional records that have been located by local researchers. 

Ursula Bachman

gpvjem at,Internet writes:
>    If you can tell us also what the film number was, that would really
>pin it down.
>With thanks
>  From: Jerry Frank 
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>  What year was that event?
>  At 01:38 PM 13/12/2002 -0700, Ursula Bachman wrote:
>  >Just a note that not all the Heimtal Parish records are available on
>  >St. Petersburg Extractions. Earlier this year I contacted Efim Melamed
>  >(mefim at who researched and found some of my Minchau and
>  >families that were not on the St. Petersburg records. In these records
>  >found out the name of my great great great grandfather Johann Haupt
>  >in the death record of my gggrandfather Michael Haupt.  So if anyone is
>  >interested in finding records from the Heimtal Parish you might want to
>  >contact him.
>  >
>  >Ursula Bachman
>  >Researching: Bodau (Bodach), Haupt, Minchau, Rose, and Schmidt, Schlag,
>  >Ziesman, Schmitke, Kop
>  Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
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