[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Plock/Lipno region-Teodorowo,Romunkie,Czarne?

Ednadill at aol.com Ednadill at aol.com
Sat Dec 21 18:36:39 PST 2002

    Since I am a new member I will introduce myself, my name is Erik Dill.  I 
am interested in researching the surname "Dill".  I have thusfar located a 
starting point in the Plock/Lipno regions.  Villiage names of 
Teodorowo,Romunkie and Czarne have been found on manifest documents for known 
members of my family.  My main subject is my ggrandfather Emil Dill from 
Romunkie, born 1889.  His father and mother were Micheal Dill and Mary Miller 
from Teodorowo.  I would like to invite all intested persons to write me with 
any applicable information or advice on taking the next step in finding 
records of the above listed people.  Thanks to all.  I look forward to 
working with fellow members of the SGGEE.
Erik Dill
Ednadill at aol.com  

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