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It may be hard to find what happened to some people.  When Volhynians were
forced to leave their homes in 1915 they couldn't stop when they wanted.
Those that died from whatever cause were
buried along the side of the road.   My grandmother was 7 at the time.
Her family didn't go to the final destination.  The Russians that took them
in encouraged them to stay so they had a place to stay.  Grandmother did
lose 2 brothers while in Russia.  They were only sick for 2 weeks and then
died.  After the Czar and his family was killed many Germans saw this as
their chance to get back to Volhynia.  When they got back home they had to
push out the Galician refugees who reluctantly left.   These Galician people
didn't upkeep these farms.  They used floorboards for firewood.  They didn't
plant crops or take care of anything.   Many Volhynians had to start over
when they came back.
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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] WW-I Deportation from Central Poland

>I was provided recently with a couple of pieces of information suggesting
that my Brandt family was relocated from Sladow (Wyszogrod Parish) after
about 1914. Does anyone out there know where the Russians relocated the
Germans from Central Poland?
>Another piece of information I received said that great-grandfather Ludwig
Brandt died in 1918 in Russaia and was buried in Zoronewo. Has any one heard
of Zoronewo? Maybe Zoronewo was the village where he lived out his life
after he was deported.
>Any information would be appreceated.
>Brenda Brandt
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