[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Deportations

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Sat Dec 28 14:57:12 PST 2002

Several documents have noted seven members of my Gottschalk family were
deported from Beresowo Hath (near Heimthal and Pulin) in 1915 to Astrachan
and they actually made it back to B. Hath in 1919.  In 1929 the family was
"torn apart" and one member sent to "a factory" at Kaminskoye (near Kurgan
and just north of Kazakstan).  I have no idea what happened to the remaining
family members. These locations were found in the EWZ files.

Is it possible anyone on the list has similar location information regarding
1915 and 1929 deportations?  I would like to know more about the locations
and the work camps in these towns.  Also, has anyone found relatives
remaining in these areas?  Other towns I have heard mentioned as deportation
locations are Orenburg and Telman.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone
who is researching in these areas.

Best Regards,

Carol Gottschalk Burns

Villages in Volhynia (from approx. 1876):  Beresowo Hath, Sokolov, Novin,
Heimthal, Sergiewka, areas around Kreis Pulin, near Zhitomir.   Surnames from
this area:  Gottschalk, Andert, Emmer, Dreger, Gertz, Kelm, Krenz, Bethke,
Ott, Kritschun, Pawelcik, Rinas; looking for others.   >>

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